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New initiative in Upper Clearwater – the Wells Gray Kids

Wells Gray Kids is a group of youngsters living in Upper Clearwater

Editor, The Times:

Upper Clearwater Farmers' Institute is pleased to announce and support a new initiative in Upper Clearwater, namely the formation of the Wells Gray Kids.

Wells Gray Kids is a group of youngsters living in Upper Clearwater.

I was recently contacted by Rylee Zittlau, the president of the organization, who asked for a meeting with the UCFI board of directors.

Rylee has contacted all the kids in Upper Clearwater and spoken to them about what facilities they would like to see in the area.

The UCFI board met with the Wells Gray Kids on Saturday, Nov. 14, at the UCFI Hall and were treated to a nicely prepared presentation by Zephram Tino (Jr.), the spokesperson for the group.

The Kids are looking for a place to safely ride their bikes away from the park road and somewhere to enjoy other activities.

The UCFI board of directors welcomed the initiative and is working with the group to provide the facilities at the UCFI Hall as they do for all community events.

This initiative is in its early stages and the kids are working with the directors to prepare plans and costings so that the Kids' ideas can be brought to reality.

The Kids' wish list includes a climbing wall, a bike park, swings and a slide, dressing-up clothes for parties and activities, archery, science equipment/experiments and a bird watching area with information boards.

We remind the readers that these initiatives are only possible thanks to the continued funding of the hall through the grant-in-aid from Thompson-Nicola Regional District, BC Gaming Grant and other fundraising initiatives that the UCFI undertakes. We thank everyone for their continued support.

Andrew Nelson, president

Upper Clearwater Farmers Institute