MLA should insist on public dialog

We in Clearwater care deeply about our community and its surrounding wilderness areas

The following is an open letter to MLA Terry Lake:

Dear Dr. Lake,

I know you have experienced the beauty of Clearwater and Wells Gray Park and I am sure you are happy that tourism has increased in our area this past season.

There are rave reviews about tourist’s wilderness experiences written in the guest book at the Infocenter and in every bed and breakfast in this area. There are comments about the wildlife and the natural beauty of the plants and awesomeness of the geological structures.

I am curious to know if you have read the book Virtual Clearcut written in 2003 by Brian Fawcett.

This book tracks the steady decline of Prince George and draws a parallel between the shattered forests of the Bowron River Valley 60 km to the southeast and the gradual destruction of the town’s confidence and quality of life.

In the Bowron River Valley is a clearcut so vast astronauts can see it from Outer Space. Fawcett shows that in the face of globalization Prince George has lost its ability to control its own destiny and is losing its will to care.

We in Clearwater care deeply about our community and its surrounding wilderness areas. Please insist that all stakeholders engage in meaningful public dialog before we too lose our quality of life.

Please act now to respect the work that has been done in the past to attempt open communication between those who value the wilderness as wilderness and those who value the wilderness as wood.

If the Clearwater River Valley is logged and the natural beauty that attracts tourism compromised, life as we know it here in Clearwater will be changed forever.

Sandra Holmes


Clearwater, B.C.