Many contribute to make Christmas concert a success

Thank you to the more than 200 people who attended the Clearwater Community Christmas Concert

Editor, The Times:

On behalf of the Clearwater and District Food Bank and the music committee, thank you to the more than 200 people who attended the Clearwater Community Christmas Concert on Dec. 6.

This was the 21st annual Christmas Food Bank fund raiser, but the first under new musical leadership and the first to be held in the Dutch Lake Community Center. Your continuing support has made this year’s event a huge success. The Food Bank received approximately $4,000 in donations, $900 in raffle income and 350 food items, as well as $1000 from District of Clearwater, and $1000 from Royal Canadian Legion Br. 259.

It was delightful and encouraging to see so many youthful participants among the other local performers. Speaking of youth, I would like to mention Sheldon Musselman for his help on sound and stage. We look forward to his performances in the coming year.

Others who helped out included Loyd Bishop, lead stage hand, who provided his sound system, drove to Barrière to borrow a lighting system, and did the lion’s share of setting up and tearing down of equipment and lights.

Linda MacKenzie did a great job as assistant stage hand. What were you writing on that clip board, Linda?

Doug Fenwick drove to Kamloops to pick up and install the four stage backdrop lights paid for by Yellowhead Community Services. Doug’s help and outstanding electronic knowledge contributed much to the event’s success.

Kim Bridge and the Y2C youth set up tables and chairs.

Pat and Heather Stanley, and other Food Bank volunteers set up of the bake sale, silent auction and raffle.

Jack Keough and Joanna Hurst who, on behalf of YCS, provided guidance, moral support and the donation of lights and a rent-free venue.

Ken Kjenstad did an excellent job as master-of-ceremonies (lame jokes not withstanding,) as well as printed Charlene Lau’s magnificent posters.

John Soles provided piano accompaniment during the crowd’s arrival and silent auction bidding.

Keith McNeill took beautiful photographs of the event.

Bill Fowler contributed the use of his lighting system. We hope to be able to afford one for the DLCC in the future.

A very special thanks to Denis Chaykowski and the Wells Gray Inn for their faithful support for so many years; you left some very big shoes to fill, and many wonderful memories.

Thank you to everyone else who worked behind the scenes; if I missed anyone, I apologize, but know that your efforts are really appreciated.

I saved the best to the last. A HUGE thank you to all the performers. You did an outstanding job and even though we had a few glitches; you soldiered on to make this a remarkable Food Bank fundraiser. Without you, there would have been no show.

We all look forward to an even better concert next year.

‘Til then, God bless.

Calvin Lutz


Clearwater, B.C.