Making a difference in someone’s Christmas

Making a difference in someone’s Christmas

Editor, The Times

Editor, The Times:

The Royal Purple and the Changes That Heal Group are putting forward our annual “Adopt a Family for Christmas’ challenge.

Each year we approach the Clearwater and District Food Bank and offer to purchase goodies for a family for Christmas. This turns out to be a great ‘team building’ time as members from both groups get together and approach Susan at the food bank.

Susan gives us the ‘family’ – oh ya, we do not know who we’re buying for, but that’s part of the fun, for we get this information: number of people, their ages, sizes and perhaps a ‘wee hint’ on what might be on the individual wish list of each person; so that we can help to fulfill at least one of their dream gifts.

Royal Purple issues challenge to adopt a family for Christmas!

Then the fun begins! We get a list of suggested food items, we plan a couple of shopping days; that leads to a wrapping party, which naturally turns into a wonderful social time and then we get the box to the food bank on the appointed day and time and head home knowing we’ve made a real difference in someone’s Christmas.

We want to challenge families, businesses and organizations to do the same. We look forward to hearing that all our families are offered these cool boxes and that we’ve all taken the challenge to make a difference in the lives of our fellow community members’ families.

Happy Helping,

Cheryl Thomas – Secretary –

Royal Purple Lodge #302 – Clearwater

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