Lamberton replies to two of his critics

I find out that I’ve been verbally abused by two letters to the editor! I love it!

Editor, The Times

Re Trevor Goward’s letter of Sept. 11, 2014, “Rambling Man should thank, not condemn”.

After returning from a three-week road trip, I find out that I’ve been verbally abused by two letters to the editor! I love it!

Trevor, you state that my Aug. 28 letter advocates logging the Clearwater Valley from top to bottom, thereby effectively severing Clearwater’s economic lifeline to the wilds of Well’s Gray Park.

That is pure rubbish! Maybe you should have someone read out my letter to you. Obviously your vision is blurred and you can only read between the lines!

Your second statement, “I hope Mr. Lamberton will kindly forgive those of us who are trying to work for some kind of future for our little town in the uncertain times ahead”. Mr. Goward, you are all forgiven.

The second letter, titled “Logging must coexist with other local industries” was an autobiography by Gerda Faber!

You stated, “Jim, you were sure slashing out with a sharp sword”. No, Gerda. That wasn’t a sword. It was a pen; it’s mightier than the sword.

I don’t slash out. I only call a spade a spade. My letters are based on facts, humour, and rumour!

As for the flower meadows, maybe you should let your niece in Quebec know that they won’t be logged. They are in the alpine, and trees grow below the alpine. Anyway, the stems of those flowers are way too small to make dimensional lumber!

It’s funny that you should mention Valemount. I just drove through there three weeks ago. That logged area sure is ugly but the fact is it’s not anywhere near as ugly now as it was before the logging started. You see, that whole flat contained bug-killed pine that was not only ugly, but also a huge fire hazard.

Gerda, I suggest that you write a song about the Upper Clearwater Valley corridor. Feel free to give me a call if you need a hand. I know quite a few words that rhyme with corridor!

Jim Lamberton

The Rambling Man


Blackpool, B.C.