Homeowners okay with double pipeline

We are comfortable living on this oil pipeline and okay with the second line, as we know we will be treated well

Editor, The Times:

We’ve lived on the Kinder Morgan oil pipeline here in the North Thompson Valley for the past 40 years. We’ve never had an issue with any of their restrictions regarding our property or from any of their employees. In fact, their employees have always been courteous and willing to help in any situation. We resided for 17 years four miles north of Vavenby prior to purchasing two lots in Weyerhaeuser subdivision 23 years ago. Back in those years the line was Trans Mountain, then it changed to Terasen and, of course, at present it is Kinder Morgan. Many folks still living in the area know what a good corporate citizen Kinder Morgan is. Over the years, whatever their name, this pipeline had contributed to many of our community projects. The people who complain about them the most will probably be at the head of the line with their hand out for more contributions regarding future projects in our community. And, as in the past, they will probably contribute.

When we moved to Clearwater 23 years ago we wanted to clear the back of the lot of some large birch and firs. We called the pipeline people on their 1-800 number before starting and their response was, “We’ll be right out.” We were told not to use our dozer and they would take care of everything. Next day they brought their equipment and a work crew. The trees were uprooted and taken away and when they left a few days later the yard was ready to plant with lawn seed. Everything they promised to do was finished top notch. They saved us hours and hours of backbreaking work. When the second line is put in you can be assured everyone owning property on the line will be treated just as respectfully. Everything will be put back just as it was or better. No need to fuss.

A few years back Kinder Morgan found a garage on their right-of-way, on our property. The previous owners built the garage. It had to be removed. Again they were considerate and polite. They brought out a huge crane, picking up the garage and moving it to the next lot. No remuneration was charged for the service when completed.

We speculate if the national NDP is receiving political funds for their war chest elections campaign from the Mideast oil magnates? Most likely it’s just stinky politics, what with their recent telephone survey. It has been suggested in a column by the Kamloops Daily that Middle East oil money is finding its way to environmental groups wherever oil may be made a negative issue. Makes sense, eh!

Can’t recall any oil spills or problems in all the years we lived on this line in our area. Think about it … the railroads on the North American continent have damaged more land and rivers with oil and chemical spills than pipelines. Pipelines are not problem and maintenance free. However, unless we all decide that horses, carts and sleighs are the new thing, oil is necessary to move this modern world. I sure like pressing that button that warms the seat in my auto on a cold winter’s day. Nothing like it.

We are comfortable living on this oil pipeline and okay with the second line, as we know we will be treated well.

Loisann and Leonard Sonneson

Clearwater, B.C.