Heart and Stroke campaign exceeds 2011 totals

This year we raised $3.696.74, which is $88.50 more than in 2011

Editor, The Times:

Where did the time go? The month of February was Heart and Stroke month but better late than never to mention those who helped out.

Thank you to all the canvassers, donators and those that helped recruit. We are always looking for volunteers. We still need volunteers for Wyndhaven, Fawn, Grizzly Heights, Flats, Vavenby, and parts of Blackpool.

Jeff and Bonnie Ruttan generously let us hold our meetings at the Wells Gray Inn. The wonderful owners and friendly staff at Safety Mart worked around us and made sure our volunteers were looked after.

The great owners and staff at Home Hardware and Pharmasave joined in our Paper Hearts promotion this year. The Times helped our campaign through promotion and coverage before, during and after the month of February – Heart and Stroke month.

With all your help we managed to beat last year’s total! This year we raised $3.696.74, which is $88.50 more than in 2011. Just think, if we had a few more volunteers next year, how many more lives could we save.

Also, a reminder that local residents can make donations year round to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of B.C. & Yukon. Visit our website to donate or to browse for information at www.heartandstroke.bc.ca. You can contact me, Wendy Grimm, at 250-674-6806 to request an In Memoriam donation.

Two last notes that might save a life today –

Signs of a heart attack:

One or more of

• Chest pain or discomfort

• Pain in arm, neck, jaw, or back

• Sweating

• Nausea

• Difficult breathing

Signs of a stroke are one or more of:


• Weakness, numbness

• Trouble speaking

• Vision problems

• Severe Headache

• Dizziness

Call 911or your medical emergency number right away.

Thank you all. Stay heart healthy.

Wendy Grimm

Heart and Stroke coordinator