Harper leaps over environmental regulations

Corporate Canada expects great things from Canada's majority Conservative government

Editor, The Times:

Corporate Canada, especially the sector involved in extracting non-renewable resources, expects great things from Canada’s majority Conservative government. Prime Minister Harper is the political action figure the multinational executives have been dreaming about for years. Harper, the Superman-wannabe, has already demonstrated his ability to leap over environmental regulations in a single bound. He can also fly (off the handle) when confronted with questions about global warming. Some people think he is a (Dodo) bird; others, a (combat) plane.

Just like the promoters of the notoriously expensive F-35s, Harper prefers to scorch his critics with political hot air rather than give straightforward answers to straightforward questions. Comic-book Superman knows his powers will decline if he is exposed to Kryptonite. Stephen Harper knows his powers will decline if Canadians are exposed to the truth.

Lloyd Atkins

Vernon, B.C.