Group seeks to bring second refugee family to Clearwater

Group seeks to bring second refugee family to Clearwater

The family recently received a call to the Canadian visa office for security and health checks

Editor: The Times

The members of Clearwater Sponsorship Group (formerly Refugees and Friends Together in Clearwater) are excited to share recent developments in our efforts to help a Syrian refugee family settle in Clearwater.

Two years ago our group was successful in bringing a refugee family of five to Clearwater. That family is now settled in Kamloops with a job for the dad, continuing English education for the mom and play school and grade one for the three children.

Funds raised in the North Thompson for that family were not all spent and have provided a base for a second application for another Syrian family.

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A year and a half ago CSG was approached by two members of a Syrian family who were settled in Kamloops at the same time as the refugee family who came to Clearwater and asked if our group would sponsor their family. After careful consideration we agreed and application was made to the Canadian government.

CSG will set up one house hold for a family of five. The family presently is split and resides in two different countries. After a year and a half of being in this process part of the family has recently received a call to the Canadian visa office for their security checks and health checks. There is no timeline offered by the government as to how long this next step will take.

Anticipating the first part of this family arriving within the next three months, CSG is seeking appropriate rental accommodation.

Already the generous people of Clearwater and the North Thompson have started raising awareness and funds. North Thompson Pastoral Charge recently made a donation. Several people send monthly financial contributions.

Keep April 21 open as an informative event is being planned with details to come.

Thank you all for your continuing support.

If you or your organization would like to create a fundraiser or make a contribution to help this family, the following information is provided for your use.

Make cheques out to North Thompson Pastoral Charge (NTPC) and indicate the funds are for the refugee fund.

Address the envelope:

c/o L. Ross

324 Schmidt Rd.

Clearwater, B.C.

V0E 1N2

Thank you, to all who continue to work for the good of others. If you would like to be on the CSG email list or would like to help in other ways, please contact me at 250-674-3615.

Sandra Holmes

Clearwater, B.C.