Global warming is science fiction

All aboard!! It looks like Captain Keith is about to embark on another voyage!

Editor, The Times

Re: Global Warming Effects Worse than Predicted (May 23/13)

All aboard!! It looks like Captain Keith is about to embark on another voyage! I see he has picked up a few new deckhands for this excursion.

He mentions Gwynne Dyer’s recent book “Climate Wars:  The Fight for Survival As The World Overheats”. Keith, when are you going to learn that the likes of Gwynne Dyer and James Lovelock are authors?  They are trying to sell their books. This is not science; this is science fiction!

Whenever I see the saying, “Many scientists believe….”, I have to sit back and bite my lip because “believe” is not a science and in my opinion, if you use that word, you are not a scientist!

Your article mentions “Canfield Oceans” and how they were involved in most of the major extinctions in Earth’s history. Scientists “believe” global warming is caused by carbon dioxide and methane released by massive lava flows which went into the world’s seas. Maybe they are referring to what is happening in Hawaii, Alaska, and Iceland! How much research has been done about volcanoes under the Atlantic and Pacific oceans? The carbon output from these compared to the carbon emissions of North American vehicles would be monumental. The best comparison would be to take all vehicles’ carbon emissions and put them up a mosquito’s butt; it would be like putting a ball bearing into Yankee Stadium!

Your article goes on to say, “During the Permian-Triassic event 250 million years ago, 96 per cent of all marine species and 70 per cent of all land species became extinct.” Rumour has it we know this “fact” because archeologists unearthed slate tablets stating that, and they were signed by Dr. Suzuki and Al Gore!

In closing, I would like to say I really like your new mascot. I think it’s great technology to be able to take Chicken Little’s voice and incorporate it into your foghorn so when it is activated, it cries, “The planet is warming, the planet is warming!”

Jim Lamberton

The Rambling Man


Blackpool, B.C.