Global carbon tax would not help poor

Captain Keith has changed his hat. He’s no longer captain of the ship of fools

Editor, The Times:

Re Editorial: Times Editor Asks “Where’s the Heat?” Nov. 28 issue

I see that Captain Keith has changed his hat. He’s no longer captain of the ship of fools. Now he’s Professor McNeill giving lessons on the physics of global warming.

Keith, Keith, Keith. How many times do I have to explain to you that I know about global warming; I just don’t agree with what the recent studies have supposedly shown! Yes, I know carbon dioxide is a gas. Yes, I know about the greenhouse effect, but to say “Carbon dioxide is now more than half again what it was before the industrial revolution and the level now is higher than it likely has been for at least 3 million years” is just verbal diarrhea!

Just so you know, Keith, carbon dating has nothing to do with going out with older women! I guess in this age of political correctness, it also has nothing to do with going out with older guys either!

For the record, remember I didn’t contradict myself. I said James Hansen “is an author trying to sell a book”. I didn’t say writing a book was not a lot of work.

Your statement, “The writer of the article appeared either to lack adequate knowledge on the subject to write an intelligent article or was wilfully presenting a misleading argument.

Either way the article did not deserve to go in the Times”. Keith, Keith, Keith. It must be nice to be able to mock anyone whose thoughts do not fit in your agenda. The worthless article that you refused was taken from the Oxford Journal in Nova Scotia, copied from the Winnipeg Free Press. I would like to suggest you print the article and let your readers decide whether it’s worthy or not!


You say, “The provincial carbon tax works, is straightforward and relatively inexpensive to administer”. I say “Hogwash!” It’s nothing but a tax on the old and the poor! In B. C., fuel is and should be considered an essential service especially in central and northern areas. Not only has the tax increased the price of fuel at the pumps, it has also increased the cost of food, clothing, home heating, hydro, phone, bus fares, cab fares, ferry costs, and airline fares. It’s only the elderly and the poor who have no way of writing off these costs. I’m sure that even our editor writes off a portion of his fuel costs as a tax deduction and I can’t remember seeing him riding a bicycle through the roundabout on his way to work!

As for the Pacific Carbon Trust, it’s absolutely nothing but a very sick joke!  This is a Liberal government stealing much needed funds from schools and hospitals to give to their corporate sponsors.

The so-called global carbon tax as proposed by yourself and James Hansen is just another creation by bureaucrats that will suck gazillions of dollars into CEO payrolls and when all the dust settles, the poor will still be poor!

Professor Keith has his doctorate in physics and his doctorate in literature, but he has failed dramatically in attempting a doctorate in mathematics! You wanted some facts, Keith. Here are some facts: Climate Action Network Watch rated Canada 55th out of 58 countries in terms of tackling greenhouse gas emissions. The Centre for Global Development ranked Canada last out of the world’s wealthiest countries when it comes to the environment.

The actual fact is Canada produced 344,000 tonnes, or 1.6 per cent of global emissions. China produced 30 million tonnes or 23 percent of global emissions. In fact, Canada is producing less than the U.S., Europe, India, Russia, or Japan.

The header of your editorial asks, “Where’s the heat?” I can tell you that the heat is not from carbon dioxide. It actually is from methane, and it’s not being exhaled. It’s being expelled.

In closing, I would like to say a special thank you to Bill Humphreys, mayor of Barriere, for his wonderful article on page A9: “Yellowhead Highway must be upgraded to prevent traffic fatalities in the North Thompson”. That’s very true and to the point. I wonder how much of that highway could have been upgraded with the $3.1 million wasted at Boondoggle Junction?

Jim Lamberton

The Rambling Man


Blackpool, B.C.



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