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The first is to make the New Years resolution. I resolve to be a better communicator. There - that is that

Editor, The Times:

A new year is upon us and with it so many 'things to do'. The first is to make the New Years resolution. I resolve to be a better communicator. There - that is that.

So - what to communicate? One thing is to remind people that they need to educate themselves about what is going on in the community. Attending the District of Clearwater meetings and committee meetings would be a great way to keep up on what is being discussed.  You will find their advertisement in the Times each week. I hope to be a more regular participant myself this year.

In the region - that would be the Services Committee meetings - they have not been advertised on a regular basis - but I believe they are on a Wednesday evening, and they are held at the Community Resource Center, so check that out.

In both cases you have people who are to represent YOUR voice and be a liaison to either the mayor or the regional director.

Are you in business? The Chamber of Commerce represents businesses of Clearwater and surrounding area. They need to hear your voice, as this is another way that there is a link to the two decision-making groups I just mentioned. The chamber needs active members, and we need to bring in speakers you are interested in. The way to make this happen is to email Jeff Lamond at Rooted by the River and state what you want to say - or - attend the meetings.

If you want to promote you business or group to locals - maybe you would like to book a space for the Arts Health and Wellness Expo on the first Saturday of February?

Have you jotted down the date for the Seedy Saturday - that is on the second weekend in April. Plus there is work going on in the development of a great website that farmers/food producers can use to sell/promote their product.

North Thompson Communities Foundation is organizing a How to Write an Effective Proposal/Grant workshop - bringing in an amazing teacher from SFU. That will be on the second weekend of March.

So you see - there is a great bunch of opportunities to get together. Hope to see you there!

Cheryl Thomas

Clearwater, B.C.