February Blues Broadway Review seeks local talent

Choir practices for the Broadway Review production at the end of February began last week

Editor, The Times:

Choir practices for the Broadway Review production at the end of February began last week.

This is open to all North Thompson Community Chorus members, past and present. And (as always), I encourage new singers to join the choir.

I would love to have soloists, duets, trios, groups and instrumentals to sing and/or play any song that has been performed on stage – that would include operettas and opera along with Broadway musicals.

Please run by your selection with me and I’ll see if I have the music on hand. If not, it is quite easy now to find it online and download it for about $5.

Also, you would likely want to run it by our accompanist Bonnie, if you plan on her accompanying you. Some arrangements can be quite dry, so often I will look for a part song arrangement because the piano tends to be much better.

Please look on the internet for a song you might like to do with others or by yourself – there are scads. When you find one or two that you like or recognize, simply youtube or vimeo it and give it a listen. We can take it from there.

Practices will be on Tuesdays at 6:45 p.m. at Clearwater Christian Church and Thursdays at the Pentecostal in Barriere.

I am insisting that I have a minimum of 25 singers for the choir this session.

Please let me (choir director Leah Jones) know if you are interested or if you are only interested in a non-choir song.

The choir will be singing three selections from Broadway. One will be The Phantom of the Opera, another will be Oh What a Beautiful Morning from Oklahoma, the third is yet to be decided (LOL). The gals will sing My Favorite Things from Sound of Music.

Leah Jones

Clearwater, B.C.