Farmers Institute hopes differences will be left behind

Failure of petition to end grant-in-aid means Upper Clearwater Hall will continue to be available for all to use, says UCFI

Editor, The Times:

Back in January at the Thompson-Nicola Regional District, the delegation (representing Upper Clearwater residents unhappy with how the hall was being run) said they had concerns about how the process had been carried out in 2004.

We were promised ‘no flaws’ in this recent process, so we can have confidence in the results. It is then good news that, through local contribution, our hall will remain a community asset – available for us all to use.

As guardians of the hall, the Upper Clearwater Farmers Institute has always been accountable to the taxpayers. Our updated constitution and bylaws commit us to keeping the hall available for people to use if they want to.

Building upon the fantastic work of the previous board, there are many wonderful ideas for future events and projects. There is an opportunity now for us to look forward – not back – to build upon the tremendous voluntary work already done.

For those who built it, for those who moved and renovated it, for those who cared for and looked after it and for many of us who live here now, it is not just a building – it is our community hall – open for all to use when they so wish.

None of us knows what the future holds. I can only hope that old hurts and differences will be left behind as we all move forward.

Everyone is welcome at the UCFI. Being a member is simply a commitment to looking after our beautiful old hall and enjoying the gift we have been left.

I really hope that more of my neighbours will begin to feel more comfortable to become members and to help steer the future direction for our wonderful hall.

Please visit our website for more information.

Shirley Frost, president


Upper Clearwater Farmers Institute