Election post-mortem

Election post-mortem

Editor, The Times

This election was a partial victory for the progressive side of Canadian politics.

In terms of leadership, I think Jagmeet Singh showed himself to be a good leader.

The Bloc made great gains in Quebec giving Quebecers two provincial governments, one of which has a substantial place in the Canadian Parliament, where it can resume its separation blackmail.

Marching to end cancer

Jason Kenney, the regressive Conservative of Alberta has decided to try separation blackmail for the West. It’s hard to determine if the Prairies voted Conservative out of a feeling of alienation or they self-alienated by voting solidly regressive conservative.

Justin Trudeau has a major quilting challenge ahead of him, trying to titch together this tattered Canadian mosaic. Of course, we have the spector of Andrew Scheer and a host of regressive Conservative premieres waiting, like vultures for J.T. to stumble.

Here’s hoping the progressive forces are successful in repairing our fractured Confederation.

Wes Morden,

Blackpool B.C.

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