EDITORIAL: A call for kindness

Sadly, there is a lot of hate going around in these dark COVID-exhausted days

As the dark days of winter continue, and our vitamin D stores are empty, this can be a tough time of year for many.

A lot of us are fed up with struggling for breath behind these masks and trying to navigate ever-changing rules.

We’d all like nothing more than some normalcy in our lives, following what feels like a lifetime of this pandemic.

The winter does little to help that. Surrounded by snow and cold, many of us hibernate inside while dreaming of summer.

Snowbirds (those who travel south for the winter) are faced with extra rules and mandates, enough to prevent a number of people from reaching their warmer destinations.

So it’s no wonder that people are getting annoyed. Our patience has worn thin – for those with any left.

But before you pass your rage onto the drive-thru attendant who is working double-time trying to cover their shift, and that of the two co-workers who have called in sick, try to remember it’s not their fault.

Just because someone wants to protest on the street corner, does not mean they deserve to be yelled at.

Just because the media shares the news, doesn’t mean you get to shoot the messenger.

And that includes all the threats and nasty online comments that both national and community journalists are faced with.

Sadly, there is a lot of hate going around in these dark COVID-exhausted days.

But none of it is OK.

No matter where on the vaccination debate you sit, whether you’ve just had a bad day or what time of the month it is, there is no reason to treat others unkindly.

Threats do nothing, save your breath, life is short.

John Lennon said it almost 50 years ago.

How could we forget?

Give peace a chance.


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