Editor, The Times

Editor, The Times

Clearwater Moosehide campaign committee thanks community

Editor, The Times:

The Moose Hide Campaign Committee would like to thank all of the community members who attended the third annual Clearwater Moose Hide Campaign event on Feb. 24.

An event like this cannot be accomplished without good leadership with a strong vision and a crew of dedicated volunteers. Our thanks to Cindy Wilgosh and Melody Romeo for the leadership and Cheryl Thomas, Ava Perraton, Sandi Wilcox, Sita Rebizant, Joy Robinson, Lori Bradstock, Peter Bradstock, Shirley Frost, Nick Frost, Susan McFarland, Marilynn Thompson, Dale McRae, Steve Coburn, Annabelle Stevens, and Rachelle Elliot, Gord Elliot and April Alward of the Royal Bank for all of their work.

Special thanks to our MC Mayor Merlin Blackwell, our Elders Sheila Nyman and Rose McArthur, Brigett MacDougall and Georgina Leppky for their songs/prayers, Cpl. Mark Labossiere of the RCMP, Phil Janicki of Yellowhead Community Servies (YCS) and Lori Bradstock and Alex Shymkiw from Raft River School for their thoughts on the event.

Gratitude is also extended to the many community organizations that provided support financially, through participation or in any of the many other ways that make an event like this successful.

Community support included the Clearwater RCMP and Victims Services Unit, Raft River Elementary School and the Clearwater Times.

The District of Clearwater, the Thompson Nicola Regional District, the BC Metis Federation, the North Thompson Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Changes That Heal, Clearwater Royal Purple, the Dutch Lake Community Centre/YCS all provided financial support.

We would also like to thank the many donors of door prizes: the Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Lisa Nadeau, Pharmasave, the BC Metis Federation, Buy-Low Foods, Double R Pizza, Tim Hortons, Jim’s Food Market, Old Town Market, Pioneer Market and Meats, Home Hardware, Echoes of Second Canyon Newsletter, Gateway Grill, Mystic Dreams and the Clearwater Dollar Store.

Gateway Grill catered both light snacks in the afternoon and dinner with the delicate balance between nutritious and decadent. The appreciation of many satisfied tummies goes out to Kalen and his staff.

We would also like to thank all those in our community who in their own quiet way support the vision of a community, a country, a world without violence.

Clearwater Moose Hide Campaign Committee 2020

Clearwater, B.C.

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