Editor, The Times:

Editor, The Times:

The world through the eyes of the Rambling Man

Editor, The Times:

Another year draweth nigh and it’s time to audit the happenings of the world in the past year. It seems as though the new rule of law and order worldwide is civil unrest and disobedience, ie. the gas-tax protests in France, the riots in Hong Kong, and the protests about Brexit and the European Union amounting to the possible breakup of Great Britain as we know it today.

Then, of course, there’s the Middle East. That feud has been going on for centuries. I remember the long-standing question: If Iraq attacked Turkey from the rear would Greece help? I guess if you want the answer, all you have to do is ask the Kurds!

Closer to home, we had Canada’s federal election. What a boondoggle that turned out to be! Canada just regressed 150 years. Now our federal government consists of Upper and Lower Canada!

Upper Canada wants to break away but not until they get everything they can. The Maritimes are quite content to lap up any scraps that spill from the trough while the hogs are feeding! Sask. and Alberta want to separate but Quebec won’t let them….that’s their gig!

Then there is beautiful BC, the land of milk and honey, or yogurt and tofu! I’m afraid BC will have to wait for another letter. However, I will sum up with two quotes of the year: “You people….” and “How dare you!”.

In closing, I must say seasons greetings to all! My vision of next year is 2020!

Jim Lamberton

Clearwater, B.C.

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