Editor, The Times

Editor, The Times

Choices of a divided country

Editor, The Times:

It is heartening to see that Prime Minister Trudeau is not bending to the will of Alberta Curly, Saskatchewan Moe, and Manitoba Larry, the Three Prairie Stooges, even though they have the backing of the Ontario Ford.

Quebec has its own brand of regressive conservatism displayed in Bill 21, the religious symbols ban on government employees. One cannot resist speculation on Jagmeet Singh’s first visit to Quebec as Prime Minister of Canada.

On a less optimistic note, it seems that Trudeau could choose to look to the separatist Block of Quebec for the backing of his minority government rather than the more progressive NPD, which is, after all, a national party. If Trudeau takes this route it will encourage the Three Prairie Stooges to fan the flames of alienation and separation even more.

Broadway Review amazes

Rachel Notley, X-Premiere of Alberta, now opposition leader in that province, declares in a recent interview that the tactics of the Prairie Premiere’s are nothing more than a distraction from the real tasks of repairing the economy of the country. Self-serving partisan politics will not help in finding real solutions in Canada. We have only to look at the mess in the Excited States of America to know that is true.

Hopefully, Trudeau’s cabinet choices will appeal to the Prairie voters, if not to their misguided leaders. Sorry for partially adopting the tactics of the regressive conservatives to make my point!

Wes Morden,

Blackpool, B.C.

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