Editor, The Times

Editor, The Times

November was a month to remember

Editor, The Times:

November…..what a month to remember! Another BC sawmill closed its doors. Ironically, that occurred in the same week that Forest Minister Donaldson (and an entourage of party supporters) traveled to Asia to buy Christmas gifts without paying GST and PST. Oops, I mean they went on a trade mission!

This is the month that the NDP announced a 200 per cent tax increase on some vaping products. This looks good in general revenue, but all they’ve done is create another black market product.

This is the month when young drivers found that ICBC rates have gone up so much that their insurance costs more than their vehicle is worth.

This is the month of the Vancouver transit strike. There is a simple solution: just open up another bike lane.

This is the month of Remembrance Day. Here is something for all British Columbians to remember: a friend of mine who is both a senior and a veteran just had his home-heating fuel tank filled. The 472 litres cost him $582.32. A provincial carbon tax cost an additional $48.28 bringing the total to $630.60. Oh no, we’re not finished yet! To that number was added $31.53 GST and $2.33 PST for a grand total of $664.46.

This is how seniors and veterans are treated in this province. This is not a democracy. Canadian soldiers died to make sure that crap like this didn’t happen.

I sincerely hope that, next election, we will have another Remembrance Day.

Jim Lamberton

The Rambling Man

Clearwater, B. C.

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