Editor, The Times:

A sense of humor about climate change

Editor, The Times:

In Lars Von Trier’s The Kingdom there’s this haunted hospital in Denmark. There are the cries of murdered children, ghosties and ghoulies haunting the corridors—all kinds of dark things happening. Yet it’s quite funny. Imagine that? (Only the Danes could do this.)

A humorous horror movie and very unusual for Von Trier whose productions are usually very dark indeed.

The main villain in this series is an overbearing Swedish doctor who refers to his fellow doctors as “Danish scum.”

In one scene these “Danish scum” doctors are discussing some outrageous demand that this Swede, who is their head doctor, has laid on them. One of the doctors declares he’s joking—didn’t know there was such a thing as a Swede with a sense of humor.

And so I felt when I read Jim Lamberton’s letter to the editor in which Wes Morden and I are conspicuously present. I suddenly realized, “Hey! A rightwing climate change denier with a sense of humour—unbelieveable.”

So let’s expand on Lamberton’s rather descriptive scenario—after Wes and I have sipped our coffee, all the time dissing the Fraser Institute as well as the MacDonald Laurier, Frontier, CD Howe—may as well get all of ‘em while we’re at it, we now head to the roundabout, me with my signs—The End of the World is Nigh, Run for Your Lives, Eat Your Vegetables!

Wes of course can be his Shakespearean best, or bust into song as he’s known to do from time to time.

Maybe a Swiss yodel or two?

Now let’s move this scenario to a hot August day some time in the near future, perhaps next year, 2019.

Let’s say like 2017 there’s a fire licking at the edges of Clearwater, but due to a little hotter weather and stronger winds, it has jumped the Thompson and is roaring through the town.

Now one can be sure that I will be stopping my sign waving and Wes will cut his yodelling short. We’ll be long gone.

Now the question here, what will Jim Lamberton do? Will he stand there, “I don’t believe in global-warming, climate change so none of this can be happening!”

One can imagine that is what some of those residents of Paradise California may have done. And look what happened to them!

Dennis Peacock,

Clearwater B.C.

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