Editor, The Times:

Editor, The Times:

A rare agreement on a political topic

Editor, The Times:

Well, well, well wadaya know?

Jim Lamberton and I are in agreement on one thing.

That debate on proportional representation between John Horgan and Andrew Wilkinson was pretty bad.

I was under the impression that Andrew Wilkinson did most of the shouting?

However I might be just leaning on my own prejudices.

I’m not so insecure that I can’t admit that I don’t know everything – far from it.

As Richard Hawkins stated one should glory in the fact that if you don’t know something it will give you the impetus to find out about it.

So with this in mind my waggish friend (he really does exist) decided to look into that faceless colourless enigma who will could well be the next premier of BC. Andrew Wilkinson.

Just who in hell is he?

Well here are a couple of facts about Wilkinson:

(1) Wilkinson did a stint for the tobacco industry.

You remember when it was implied that one would smoke fifty cigarettes a day with no harm resulting?

Something like the implication that one could drink the water after hydraulic fracturing – fracking and no harm would be done to you.

(2) Wilkinson also represented the Chinese firm that stripped the Watson Island pulp mill of its machinery leaving – stiffing the city of Prince Rupert with the expense not to mention Port Edward and area.

Although Prince Rupert is now considered a ‘Super Port’ it never really recovered from the closure of the Port Edward pulp mill.

There just isn’t enough jobs involved in a ‘super-port.’

However this was all a part of Gordon Campbell carpetbaggery in which sawmills and pulp mills are shut down in order to export raw logs to China.

Plus a lawyer has the right to represent his clients, but when a person’s lawyer or not does so many actions contrary to the welfare of the majority of British Columbians would one really want this person as leader or even worse premier of British Columbia?

True the debate on proportional representation between Horgan and Wilkinson didn’t enlighten much or change anyone’s mind.

However as a closer examination of ‘the man who would be king’ Andrew Wilkinson?

Well that’s a different matter.

Dennis Peacock,

Clearwater, B.C.