Editor, the Times:

Editor, the Times:

Visit the Country Christmas Craft Show

Editor, The Times:

The 1st annual Country Christmas Craft Show will be held at the Clearwater Legion on December 8 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

There is a door fee of $2 or bring a donation of dog or cat food.

All the money raised after expenses will be donated to a local cause, “Maddy’s Paws and Claws Rescue.”

This young woman, Madeline Capostinsky Beka, blows me away with all the volunteering and donating of her time to helping and rescuing animals in the North Thompson Valley.

It is certainly something that is needed for unwanted and neglected animals in our area.

Madeline works with our local vet Darren of Candle Creek Veterinary Services, BCSPCA Spay and Neuter Clinic and Cache Creek Veterinary Hospital.

All three play a huge role in the success of the rescues. Darren is always the first to see an animal and can sedate and neuter and clean wounds; he administers medications, vaccines and de-worming medications.

He brings things she needs in for her whether it be vet wrap or gauze or ointments. BCSPCA Spay and Neuter Clinic does the spays and/or neuters. Cache Creek Veterinary Hospital is where she goes for any major surgeries, x-rays, vaccines and such and things that Darren is unable to do or get here.

So a large chunk of funds goes towards the vet bills.

There is always other costs that go along with helping and looking after and rescuing these animals, such as wood pellets which she uses for cat litter, dog food, cat food and kitten food, cleaning supplies and paper towels to name a few.

She is also needing blankets, towels, pee pads, toys and boxes to make hideways for cats.

At 14 years-old she started volunteering for the BCSPCA. At 16 she was hired to help clean dog and cat kennels, walk the dogs, provide them with dewormer and vaccinations and provide any necessary medical care needed.

She began working at a Vet Hospital along with the BCSPCA and learning everything that was needed and more; however, her passion has always remained with rescuing animals.

“I’m always learning, the learning never stops. Every situation is unique in it’s own way and I try to accommodate everybody I can. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know I will never stop helping dogs, cats and humans,” said Madeline.

The best way for people to contact her is via Facebook.

She is not always in cell service, but more than likely has wifi.

Search for Maddy Capostinsky Beka or Maddy’s Paws and Claws.

Stop by the craft show and enjoy all the gift ideas and baking for this Holiday Season.

Fay McCracken,

The Red Shed Farm Studio