Editor, The Times:

Editor, The Times:

Populism: the good and the bad

Editor, The Times:

What do Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu, Jair Bolsanaro, Nicolas Maduro and Xi Jinping have in common? Well, they are all populist leaders of their countries respectively: Russia, U.S.A., Israel, Brazil, Venezuela and China!

Populism can be good or bad depending on the character of the populist and the circumstances in which they find themselves. Some bad examples are: Hitler and Mussolini in Germany and Italy in the 1930s and more recently Donald Trump in the U.S.A. in the 2000s.

Some good examples are Juan Peron in Argentina, Fidel Castro in Cuba and Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. The above assessments are those of yours truly for what that’s worth.

On this sixth evening of November, 2018, I am watching the U.S. midterm election results with some sense of satisfaction. Women and minorities in the U.S. of A. have given control of the house of representatives back to the democrats, thus applying the brakes on the Trump administration’s radical right agenda. Yes Virginia, there is a God; thanks be to Allah!

Wes Morden,

Clearwater, B.C.