Editor, The Times:

Editor, The Times:

Proportional Representation could save our democracy

Editor, The Times:

Two more reasons to vote for Proportional Representation.

(1) The Fraser Institute is against it.

(2) B.C.’s mining industry doesn’t like it—it will bring in the “fringe parties.” Yes, if there had been a fringee or two around at the time there wouldn’t have been a Mt. Polley disaster—remember that one?

The opposition Liberals say they will fight tooth and nail even if the current referendum passes—well we know where they come from don’t we?

I remember suffering through the Gordon Campbell dictatorship. Well what else would one call that dark era when the Campbell government, cheered on by a corporate media—on the editorial pages of the Vancouver Sun and Province, Gordon Campbell could do no wrong—tried to sell B.C. off as quick as possible.

He hired off B.C. Hydro’s accounting to Accenture—an organization of dubious representation.

He pulled the moratorium off the fish farms that halted expansion—the lice and disease problems are still all there.

Well one could go on and on about the Campbell era. Finally stopped him dead in his tracks on the Coquihalla then booted his backside out with the HST. Good riddance one might say.

Then came cute little Christie Clark, but that’s a story for another time. Who knew Site C might work out in the long run?

Note here Gordon Campbell is now advisor to Doug Ford and Brian Pallister. As my ho! ho! waggish friend put it, “These rightwingers sure like to roll around in each other’s muck and drink each other’s bath water.”

Well actually people of all different of all different politics and religions suffer that form of folly. It’s just that with Canada creeping off to the right and all their loser policies it’s just time to pay attention.

True, proportional representation is not perfect. In fact it’s quite complicated. However, it’s this complication that prevents a dictatorship of Gordon, Doug Ford, Curly Moe and Larry from Saskatoon or anyone no matter what political stripe.

In Ottawa both the NDP and the Conservatives would have more a say in Canada’s affairs. The Conservatives could quit rambling on about “Jihadi Jack” and actually do something constructive.

Proportional representation—it could well save our democracy.

Dennis Peacock,

Clearwater, B.C.