Conservatives’ budget reads like Robin Hood in reverse

Canadians have been waiting for a budget that's focused on their priorities

Editor, The Times:

Canadians have been waiting for a budget that’s focused on their priorities and the needs of families and the middle class – not just the wealthiest among us.  After 10 years of Conservative deficits and mismanagement, Canada’s middle class families are working harder and falling further behind.

Budget 2015 reads like a the tale of Robin Hood in reverse: a regressive budget containing costly measures that will exacerbate economic inequality and see billions flow to Canada’s wealthiest families while leaving the majority of Canadians with no benefit at all – expensive giveaways such as doubling the allowable Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) contribution and its unfair income-splitting scheme.

Harper sold the silverware to balance the budget and fiscal policy is built on sand. The budget guts the fiscal capacity of future governments: a significant risk to vital public services, investments and Canada’s economy. Instead of measures to help more Canadians get ahead, Conservatives are stubbornly playing politics with this budget ahead of the election.

It is an irresponsible budget that unfairly burdens future generations. The finance minister said they’ll “… leave it to Stephen Harper’s granddaughter” to worry about. New Democrats are not going to leave it to our children and grandchildren to clean up Stephen Harper’s mess!

Budgets are about values and choices – and they say a lot about a government’s real priorities. Stephen Harper made his priorities clear: more giveaways to the wealthy, paid for by everyday folks and middle class families like yours. The sacrifices and choices made by previous generations to build a society based on fairness and equality of opportunity is in peril. Harper’s Conservatives are attacking core Canadian democratic and social values.

The budget lacks any plan for jobs and growth at a time of economic slowdown and stagnating incomes. New Democrats have proposed practical steps that will help fix the damage done by Stephen Harper and create good jobs and opportunities for families – new supports for small businesses and manufacturing, a $15 federal minimum wage, affordable housing, and making childcare affordable and available to all Canadians.

Bill Sundhu,

Federal NDP candidate