Chip, chopping away

Clearwater (and other small communities like it) is in an absolute dog-fight to survive

Editor, The Times:

Clearwater (and other small communities like it) is in an absolute dog-fight to survive. Government service centralization and big business couldn’t give a rat’s posterior about us.

From the provincial government’s side: BC Parks, Forestry, Social Services, Corrections BC, Coroner Services, and some Health Care and School District functions have all been removed from this community by government decisions, which they, of course, blame on the bureaucrats.

From private industry, the departure of Weyerhaeuser and the lack of stability in the mining industry have negatively impacted Clearwater. In fact, private industry would really prefer that the valley’s resources, timber, minerals and water be harvested by crews based in temporary camps that harvest and disappear as the international market dictates. There is certainly no commitment to the local community or people.

So, if we are being left to our own devices, I see some positive signs: A strong Community Forest, returning profits to the North Thompson, an incorporated District that speaks for the community, a vibrant Farmers Market offering locally grown food and local crafts and talents, an opportunity to communicate face-to-face with friends and neighbours along with Facebook.

Our environment and resource base offers us a unique opportunity in this valley, we just have to find creative ways to make sure that these resources benefit the local community as well as remote corporate entities. Here’s to the disappearance of one of our renewable resources, snow, by the first of June.

Wes Morden


Blackpool, B.C.