Captain Keith, you’ve done it again!

Thinking we can control climate change is being very optimistic

Editor, The Times:

Re: Dyer’s Optimism About Arctic Undervalues Global Warming, Aug. 20 issue.

Captain Keith, you’ve done it again!

“The ice is melting and in turn will raise sea levels by seven meters.” Who’s holding the measuring stick? Dr. Suzuki? Does that include between low tide and high tide?

“Global warming is not a problem for another day, it is now, and if it’s allowed to continue…. ” In that paragraph, you give the impression that global warming is a tap that can be turned on or off at someone’s discretion. Okay. Recycle three sardine cans, five pop bottles, don’t drive your car for one week, and I’ll turn off the tap!

Then you have the nerve and audacity to mention another one of your scientists, James Lovelock, who made three maps of climate change in his book. You go on to say that Lovelock’s map is just a rough approximation. In my opinion, a “rough approximation” and “scientist” should not be used in the same sentence. Lovelock is an author, trying to sell a book. His map of climate change is on page 81 of his book “The Revenge of Gaia.” The maps remind me of the artistic crayon work of a four year old who’s waiting for a meal at the Wells Gray Hotel! Lovelock was mentioned in another book I read. I believe that was also page 81. The book title was “The Joy of Sex”!

To think that you can control climate change is being very optimistic. It’s like a mosquito climbing up an elephant’s butt with the intention of rape!

Canada is one of the largest counties in the world yet it only produces approximately two per cent of the pollution in the world. Many thanks to Stephen Harper for standing up for our country and saying no to the Kyoto Accord. If Canada is going to bow down to the wishes of the environmental movements and their so-called scientists, then we should seriously consider changing our national animal from a beaver to a sheep.

Jim Lamberton

The Rambling Man