Canfor should get timber rights in other areas

The size would not be too important, but it should be a comparable volume

Editor, The Times:

There seems to be a building controversy about the Wells Gray Park Road and Canfor’s interest in the timber in the First, Second, and Third Canyons area. There is what I consider to be at least one workable solution:

Canfor could give up all its interest in that area, somewhat defined as all the Crown land from the park road going west to Road 10 above. Then add to that, a small area to include Buck Hill and the volcano there. This would seem to satisfy the public concerns and protect all the geological points of interest in that area.

In exchange, the government would give Canfor comparable timber rights at some other location within one of Canfor’s interest areas. The size would not be too important, but it should be a comparable volume, plus a tad more to make up for the extra work involved. Areas that come to mind might include something up the North Thompson access road, perhaps an add-on to the Tree Farm License, or even something elsewhere in the province where Canfor already is established.

Costs could be covered by a small add-on for the new site to compensate.

The “new” park area would be added to the existing park or some kind of protected area.

I hope the proponents will give this serious consideration, perhaps including walking the trails in the concerned area and checking out the hoodoos, etc at the top.

To walk any one area, take two vehicles, park one at a convenient place on the park road, everyone drive up to Road 10 in the other vehicle, take a lunch, hike down and recover the vehicle left below, drive back up and recover the first vehicle. While on Road 10, follow it along to the Buck Hill turnoff – it’s only minutes away. Park and go in the driveway and look at all the lava and ash samples left there from the test work a few years ago.

Chuck Emery


Clearwater, B.C.