Braaten honored with award

Clearwater's new Citizen of the Year expresses his appreciation

Editor, The Times:

I would like to thank the person who nominated me for the Citizen of the Year award. It was a great surprise and a huge honor that the committee deemed me worthy of such an award.

I volunteer because I think kids need to stay busy and keep active for a thriving childhood and to prepare them for a successful adulthood.

One comment that was said to me a few years ago was that sports are cheaper than jail. I laughed at it at the time, but it is really true.

Everything we invest in our kids is worth it. They are our number one priority.

So thank you so much to my nominator, Chamber of Commerce and the community for acknowledging the efforts of all volunteers. I value this award because it demonstrates that an everyday volunteer does make a difference to our community. I was really honored on Friday night, Nov. 18, and feel humbled by the award. Thank you.

Orlynn Braaten

Blackpool, B.C.