Beyond hope or salvage

Beyond hope or salvage

I am disgusted but not surprised by the bush league ads attacking public ICBC

Editor, The Times:

I am disgusted but not surprised by the bush league ads attacking public ICBC.

A right-wing collection of BC Liberals and sleazy lawyers fed off the public insurance corporation during 16 years of Liberal government mismanagement.

The legal predators prided themselves in getting outrageously large settlements for rather minor injuries.

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The Liberal government, for its part, regularly scooped any profits that ICBC made for its own projects.

For the Liberals it was a perfect setup – a cash cow that the public would blame for rate increases made necessary by government and greedy lawyers.

The ICBC mess is only one of many messes planned and carried out by the former Liberal government during its 16 year reign of terror. Here is a partial list of highlights of the Liberal administration: Open net fish farming, attempted privatization of education bolstered by the biased findings of right-wing think tank The Fraser Institute, privatization and attempted privatization of all B.C. infrastructure, raw log exports that caused the closure of many B.C. mills and the list goes on and on.

A proper balance between private and public enterprise is, I believe, the best mix for a fair and functional economy and it is high time we returned to that model.

The results of the last provincial election has made a return to a balanced economy much more difficult. We have created two provinces, the Lower Mainland with southern Vancouver Island, and the rest of B.C.

But despite this rather bleak picture, I still have faith that the citizens of this divided province will see a way to unite and heal this fractured mess.

Wes Morden

Blackpool, B.C.