Banning long gun registry may come at a high price

One has to ask, was the long gun registry in itself that bad?

Editor, The Times:

I was never passionately against the now cancelled long gun registry as many were.

I just felt that the horrible, expensive bureaucracy, that created it was ‘par for the course. The cost overruns and stumbling around were deplorable.

However, one has to ask, was the long gun registry in itself that bad? Certainly most if not all police associations didn’t think so. Also La Belle province Quebec wants its own long gun registry. Do they know something the rest of us don’t?

I was recently talking to someone who stated that normally he wouldn’t vote for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives but did during the last election because of Harper’s promise to dismantle the long gun registry.

Looking at the tragic events south of the border, even Connecticut yankees are not immune from a big shoot-up in which innocent school children die.

Some years ago, Australia had quite a number of mass shootings. They brought in strict gun laws, including a ban on assault rifles. They haven’t had a mass killing since.

Given Stephen Harper’s majority rule by ideology instead of consensus, the banning of the long gun registry is indeed a high price for Canadians to pay.

Think about it.

Dennis Peacock


Clearwater, B.C.