Author seeks help with Wells Gray Park guidebook

The fifth edition of my book, "Exploring Wells Gray Park" sold out earlier this year and I'm currently rewriting it

Editor, The Times:

The fifth edition of my book, “Exploring Wells Gray Park” sold out earlier this year and I’m currently rewriting it with the sixth edition scheduled to be published in April 2015. I am hoping Times readers can help me with some of this huge project as follows:

• Changes – A lot has happened in Wells Gray Park since the last edition was published in 2004. So far, I have found over 200 needed changes and corrections, but I could easily have missed something. Please let me know if you have spotted anything that needs fixing.

• Colour photos – The sixth edition will be all colour due to improvements in colour printing technology in the past 10 years. If you have some particularly appealing colour photos taken anywhere in the park, please email me low res images. A professional photographer is acting as photo editor and if he chooses your picture(s), I will ask for the high res version.

• Historical photos – Many people have contributed their old photos to previous editions and most of those will be re-used. I’m hoping other people have pictures that illustrate the old days in the park or the Clearwater Valley. These could be pioneers, buildings, roads or bridges, scenery or events. All are intriguing in telling the story of the area. I will arrange for pickup of these prints, scanning and return. One picture sent to me recently shows U.S. President Herbert Hoover fishing at Mahood Lake.

If two or more of your pictures (colour or historical) are published, you will receive a complimentary copy of the sixth edition and a caption credit.

Please email changes and photos to me at If you want to talk about anything, my phone in Kamloops is 250-374-2351 evenings. I am trying to get all submissions by Nov. 21.

I appreciate everyone’s help in making the sixth edition the best ever.

Roland Neave

Kamloops, B.C.