Are we ready for the next big block party in Barriere?

Our sponsors stepped up to the plate donating cash and prizes as well as making sure all of our printing and design needs were taken care of

Editor, The Times:

June 25 was the perfect example of why I love Barriere so much. We started planning this event less than five weeks ago and our community fell behind the idea instantly.

Our sponsors stepped up to the plate donating cash and prizes as well as making sure all of our printing and design needs were taken care of.

Vendors started signing up as soon as they heard about our event. I’m not sure of our final tally but I think we were close to 40 vendors which is amazing.

Radio stations and newspapers throughout the valley mentioned us constantly in the weeks leading up to the event, and Barriere’s best source of advertising took over as word of mouth spread the story of the big block party like wildfire.

The big block party could not have happened without our volunteers. Ashley Wohlgemuth is a simply amazing person and I couldn’t have asked for a better co-organizer. She has a bright future in event organizing and I look forward to working with her on our next event. Beverly Murphy is a cagey veteran when it comes to this kind of stuff, and her knowledge and wisdom was instrumental in making this happen.

So many people helped out in so many ways, and if I don’t mention you it’s not because I don’t appreciate your help it’s because my memory is horrible .

I would like to thank Dan McMartin for being there from early morning until dark helping with everything you could. Robert Harris, Denise Howe, Bernice Randrup, Jessica Genier. Drew McMartin, Paul Morris, Donna Kibble. Alycia Fortin, Marlene Fortin, Jennifer Amos, Lana Laskovic, Marie Chesal Downing, and to everyone else that I forgot or didn’t even know that helped, thank you so very much.

The music was spectacular as the kids from the Clearwater secondary school garage band surprised a lot of people by putting on a solid show. These kids are going to go far in this world and I expect to see them touring the world in the next five years.

And, of course the Chris Buck Band put on the show that we knew they would. Their interaction with the crowd was what impressed me the most. Thank you Chris Buck and Taylor Allum for connecting with the crowd and putting on a show that Barriere will never forget. Who else comes out on stage and drums while wearing a full on Mario costume?

And lastly, we would like to thank everyone that came out and showed your support, donated at the donation tables, bought raffle tickets and hopefully enjoyed the show. You guys showed that Barriere can support this kind of event.

We just have one question for you guys.

Would you like to see a Big Barriere Block Party Part Two?

Charlie Kibble, Big Block Party

Barriere, B.C.

*Editor’s note:  All profits made from the Barriere big block party go to support the North Thompson Volunteer and Information Centre.