American and Canadian banks growing too large

Don't look now! The American 'banksters' are at it again!

Editor, The Times:

Don’t look now! The American ‘banksters’ are at it again!

Robo-signing, robo-witnessing and pushing the already beleaguered American homeowner out of house and home.

What is it about these people? Did they learn nothing from the financial disasters of 2007-08?

Of course they did! After paying some miniscule fines for some of their more outrageous actions they can go ahead with anything they want.

Warehouse metal and other commodities to drive up the price – ‘vampire squid’ Goldman-Sachs and others.

To make matters worse the ‘banksters’ threw their entire support behind ‘Rob Big Bird’ Romney – $200 million or more during the last election.

And during this midterm vote American citizens, showing just how aware they were, gave overwhelming support to the very forces that brought the US of A to the brink of disaster.

However, as a Canadian one should not be too smug. After all, the person who was most loudly for letting Canada’s bank mega-size is now prime minister. Fortunately Jean Chretien and to some extent Paul Martin shot that one down in flames — Chretien noting that Japan’s big banks had been nothing but disastrous.

Then there’s our own ‘banksters’ who come out with pronouncements from on high. Never about lowering credit card rates or all the other service charges or not hiring people from India while forcing their employees to train them.

No, it’s usually about government cuts, etc.

Also, it’s no thanks to Canada’s banksters that they are in the much better shape compared to their counterparts in the US of A.

They, along with Stephen Harper, were all for the big mega-size.

An interesting question here. When the mega-sized Canadian banks get into the same jackpot as their American counterparts, would the Canadian government bail them out?

Dennis Peacock


Clearwater, B.C.