2012 may be your last chance to get involved

his year saw some brilliant minds apply for positions of decision-making authority both locally and regionally

Editor, The Times:

What a year it has been. Some things changed.  Much stayed the same. Some people chose to live. Others chose to die. Most just went blindly along letting whatever happens happen.

2012 could very well be the last year we have. So it is written in the ancient calendars. We do have a choice. Each thing we do is a vote for the future. Each dollar that we spend is a vote for capitalism, planned obsolescence, and global warming. No use discussing it, that is the way it is.

This year saw some brilliant minds apply for positions of decision-making authority both locally and regionally. The people have spoken and the responsibility of the future of the valley is set firmly in the hands of those elected. In 2011 the people were a part of the development of plans that are to guide the future development of the area.  Take the Economic Development Plan for Clearwater and Area – the University of Northern BC man interviewed hundreds of local people. Read the plan. We all said we wanted a voice in the future development. committees.  Input. Be prepared with your ideas. Make it happen.

Working shoulder to shoulder with all the volunteers in the valley is a privilege, a right and a responsibility. It is a blessing, mentally, to work where we all do our very best job (within our physical limitations), where we all get paid exactly the same wage (in friendship and love), have exactly the same responsibility (get the job done), and reap the same crop (satisfaction and pride in our collective accomplishment).

You have made my world an interesting place to be in 2011. I apologize to those who say: ‘Thank goodness that wing nut didn’t get elected.’ (Yes, rumors get back to those they are about). I thank those of you who went out of your way to thank me for using my many and varied talents. Cindy – I want to single you out and thank you for the amazing ‘Australia or Bust’ party, and to all who donated/attended. The money is in a term deposit and I plan on adding my old person’s cheque money to it every month till I leave. Thank you to every soul who contributed. And – once it starts, thank you to the Government of Canada for finally paying me for all the work I do – grin.

Have a great year. And don’t forget that the future is in your hands. Get involved. Get your hands in the earth and grow things. Be happy. The future is yours to form and even ‘doing nothing’ is doing something. So suit yourself and know that you reap what you seed, so if things aren’t going your way, change them. After all – this is the last year we are guaranteed. We have reached the tipping point. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count.

Cheryl Thomas

Clearwater, B.C.