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Winter driving awareness: Drive like your life depends on It

What can you do to prepare for changing conditions this winter?
Paramedics with the BC Ambulance Service encourage everyone to drive carefully this winter.

BC Ambulance Service

When temperatures drop and driving conditions worsen, many motorists find themselves in need of an ambulance due to an increase in motor vehicle incidents. However, many collisions can be avoided with a little extra precaution.

What can you do to prepare for changing conditions this winter?


· Judge the necessity – is it absolutely crucial that you travel?

· Know before you go – check Drive BC for road and weather conditions and alerts before you hit the road.

· Reduce your speed – drive according to the conditions.

· Check your tread – make sure the tire tread depth is winter ready.

· Control the urge to cruise – never use cruise control in winter conditions

· Call for help – if you are in an accident or witness one, don’t panic. Travel with a fully charged cell phone, know your location and call 9-1-1 or your local emergency services number.

“Each year as winter approaches, BC Ambulance Service (BCAS) paramedics prepare themselves and their families for winter driving conditions – we urge the public to follow suit,” said BCAS Superintendent Craig Parnell. “If you must travel in these conditions, drive like your life depends on it; prevention is better than recovery.”

BCAS operates under the authority of BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) to provide residents and healthcare professionals with access to pre-hospital emergency and patient transfer services.  BCEHS also oversees the Patient Transfer Network and Trauma Services BC.


BCAS is currently recruiting paramedics in many rural communities throughout the province. Please visit for more information about our employment opportunities.