Updates for Blackpool Hall ongoing

nterior Health Authority inspector required a change to filtration requirements, which has added over $16,000 to the project

Work is progressing nicely on this project. In addition to the new doors being installed, the chinking is now completed and cedar shakes have been installed on the exterior walls of the rear storage rooms. Enough funding remains to reinsulate and drywall the low ceiling portion in the rear of the hall interior.

As far as the roof replacement goes, we did have some delays in issuing the purchase order for this. In the meantime the contractor made other commitments and may not be able to replace the roofing material until spring.

Work on potable water for both the community hall and firehall is ongoing. The Interior Health Authority inspector has required a last minute change to filtration requirements, which has added over $16,000 to the total project cost.  Funding arrangements are ongoing and should be resolved in the next 10 days. Once this is in place final equipment installation will be completed and hopefully potable water will be available to both facilities in time for Christmas!

Upper Clearwater Hall

Final approval by the building inspector, engineer and architect has now been received.

At the end of the month I will have an additional $2000 grant to pay for appliances for the warming kitchen that is planned. Volunteers intend to work on several interior finishing projects though late fall and early winter.

The hall is looking fantastic thanks to all the volunteers’ efforts over the past couple of years.


What can I say, delays, delays and more delays!  The grant money for this project includes various locations within the TNRD. The approval of all sites is required before funds can be released.

Unfortunately the TNRD is experiencing delays created by other levels of government, which has cost us another construction season.

The TNRD board of directors has forwarded a letter to the federal ministers responsible for the grant voicing our concerns. At this point I do not expect construction to commence until spring.

– Tim Pennell is TNRD director for Area A (Wells Gray Country)