Matthew Robson and Corally Delwo are both candidates for the People's Party of Canada nomination for the Kamloops-Thomspon-Cariboo federal riding. A meeting will be held June 27 where local PPC members will cast their vote. (Danny Jones / People's Party of Canada)

Two candidates fight for PPC nomination

Local PPC members will vote for their nominee on June 27

A nomination contest is taking place to select a candidate to represent the People’s Party of Canada in the Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo federal riding.

Matthew Robson and Corally Delwo are competing for the nomination. The winner will be selected by local PPC members at a meeting June 27.

Robson has a master’s degree in intelligence, counter-terrorism and international security and has worked as a correctional officer and security team manager, according to a PPC media release. He was also a volunteer firefighter and member of a rapid water rescue team while in university in Calgary, Alta. He maintains communist ideology has “infiltrated” academia and politics, and running for the PPC is one way to bring awareness to the “assault on Canadian values.”

“This ideology has corrupted and has been used to deliberately weaken all aspects of Canadian institutions over the past several decades,” Robson says in the media release. “It has gone largely unnoticed by many – this subversion of Canada’s autonomy. It has negatively impacted virtually every aspect of our daily lives and local communities, including our children’s schools and where we work.”

Delwo was born and raised in Alberta but moved to Kamloops with her family in 2009. Since then, she attended Thompson Rivers University, started a business, and partnered with her husband to run his business.Her decision to join politics is a mix of her love of Canada and “anger toward those who would see it destroyed.”

“Over the last few years, I spent a lot of time watching our country crumble at the hands of the Liberal government. Quite frankly, I am sick of it,” Delwo says in the media release. “I will not watch passively as these freedom-haters destroy my children and grandchildren’s future. This mess is going to take a lot of work to fix.”

She notes that while we live in a first-world nation, the level of poverty seen on Kamloops’ streets is “disturbing,” and it’s unacceptable that some Indigenous reserves still don’t have access to clean water or adequate housing.

Delwo has caught media attention for organizing anti-lockdown, pro-business demonstrations in Kamloops. She also ran for municipal office in 2018.

“I am a strong-willed, fierce momma bear, who will stop at nothing to protect my children, my family, my friend, my community.”

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