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Topless demonstrator perches on B.C. rooftop to expose need for ‘dramatic change’

Save Old Growth supporter launches downtown Victoria protest to end all old-growth logging
A Save Old Growth supporter sits atop the Victoria visitor centre Aug. 9 in a protest against old-growth logging in B.C. (Justin Samanski-Langille/News Staff)

A topless demonstrator climbed to the roof of Victoria’s visitor centre Tuesday in a bid to end the logging of B.C.’s old growth forests.

The Save Old Growth supporter, referred to in social media posts as Ever, arrived at prominent harbourfront location in the capital before noon Aug. 9, adhered stickers with the group’s name on the clock tower and over their breasts, and draped banners over the tourism hub.

The phrase “961 days left” written on the protester’s torso and on the banners refers to the time left to make significant reductions to carbon emissions in B.C. before the province reaches “major tipping points and ends up with more drastic climate catastrophes,” group spokesperson Trevor Mckelvie said at the scene.

“It’s a simple action just to keep raising awareness in a very public place where everyone can have some fun with it.”

McKelvie said Tuesday’s action focused on sharing the message with the public, as governments are already well aware of who they are and what they are asking for. “The changes we do need to make are largely to our benefit and quite easy. Big change is actually far simpler than people would have you believe.”

Happening at the busy tourist and commercial corner of Government and Wharf streets, the action seemed to draw plenty of attention, with many passersby stopping to take photos or ask questions about what was going on.

Save Old Growth has gained notoriety for its traffic-halting demonstrations this year, as its members call on B.C. to end all old-growth forest logging within its borders. There were no traffic disruptions caused by Tuesday’s action, and VicPD officers were at the scene around 12:30 p.m., but left soon after.

The rooftop protester was quoted on group’s Twitter account saying, “my actions may seem dramatic but we need dramatic change now for a livable future tomorrow.”

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