TNRD releases directors’ pay and expenses reports

Wells Gray Country director Tim Pennell tops the list for total pay and expenses at the regional district board during 2011

Thompson-Nicola Regional District released the remuneration and expenses paid to directors in 2011 during its May 24 board meeting.

Wells Gray Country (Area A) director was at the top of the list, with remuneration of $27,200 and expenses of $19,888, for a total of $47,088.

Kamloops Mayor Peter Milobar, last year’s board chair, made more than Pennell in remuneration at $27, 940, but at $6,469 his expenses were less. Milobar’s total was $34,409.

As for other directors from the North Thompson Valley, former Thompson Headwaters (Area B) director Max Lentz came next after Pennell with $21,910 in remuneration and $12,656 in expenses, for a total of $34,566.

Bonnie Cruzelle Myram, the director for Lower North Thompson (Area O), brought home $18,180 in remuneration and was reimbursed for $2,238 in expenses. Her total was $20,418.

Next up was former Barriere Mayor Mike Fennell. His remuneration was $12,740 and expenses were $5,486, for a total of $18,226.

Clearwater Mayor John Harwood made $13,057 in remuneration and received $3,993 for his expense, giving a total of $17,050.

The new director for Thompson Headwaters (Area B), Willow MacDonald, only took office in December. Her remuneration was $1,626 and expenses were $1,755, for a total of $3,381.

Also newly elected last year was Bill Humphreys, the mayor of Barriere. His remuneration from the TNRD was $956 and his expenses were $246, for a total of $1,202.

Speaking about Tim Pennell’s place on the top of the pay and expenses list, Thompson Headwaters director Willow MacDonald commented that he is a member of the Fraser Basin Council and other external committees that bring in extra pay and involve extra expenses.

She noted that the TNRD has strict rules to follow and that no expenses are reimbursed that can’t be documented.

“I typically drive for two hours for each hour of meeting,” MacDonald added. “If I spend three hours in meetings in Kamloops, I can expect to spent six hours on the road. It’s a good thing I like driving.”

For more about Pennell’s reimbursement and expenses, see page the article here.