TNRD highlights:

The 2015 Provisional Budget estimates a tax requisition of $23,647,663. This represents an overall decrease of 0.85 per cent

The following are highlights from the Thompson-Nicola Regional District board of directors’ meeting of Nov. 6:

Funds Provided to Western Canada Theatre

Lori Marchand provided a presentation on behalf of Western Canada Theatre and requested that the TNRD provide funds to support the theatre company’s 2015-16 season.

The board resolved to provide $3,200 to be funded from each of the 10 electoral areas.

Consistent remuneration for fire departments

Blackpool, Pritchard and Vavenby Volunteer Fire Departments each had their own remuneration scales as set by bylaw.

Amendments were approved to move to equitable and consistent remuneration for the three fire departments.

Bylaws for a new fire hall for Paul Lake

Approval has been received from the Inspector of Municipalities for the adoption of bylaws establishing the Paul Lake fire protection financial contribution service and authorizing borrowing of up to $260,000 for construction of a fire hall.

The board adopted the Paul Lake Fire Protection Financial Contribution Service Area Establishment Bylaw and Paul Lake Fire Protection Loan Authorization Bylaw to move forward with the process.

Committee meeting schedule approved

The board approved the 2015 committee meeting schedule for 10 of the TNRD’s standing and select committees.

Assent process for Black Pines water system

Staff were authorized to carry out an assent process by petitioning property owners within the Black Pines community water system service area for approval to borrow up to $460,000.

This sum will represent a one-third contribution toward the $1.35 million cost of building a new intake, subject to successful application for a Building Canada Funding grant in the amount of $900,000.

Funding provided to Success By Six

Discretionary funds from Electoral Area “B” (Thompson Headwaters) in the amount of $3,000 was approved for the re-carpeting of a space used for community programs by Success By Six.

Provisional Financial Plan adopted

Through Bylaw No. 2488, the TNRD 2015- 19 Provisional Financial Plan was adopted.

The 2015 Provisional Budget estimates a tax requisition of $23,647,663. This represents an overall decrease of 0.85 per cent, or $202,202, from the 2014 annual budget of $23,849,866.


The Provisional Budget also includes setting aside $1,134,572 into operating reserves for anticipated future needs.