TNRD gives update on Clearwater eco-depot project

Construction of the Clearwater eco-depot was delayed in 2011 awaiting approval of a funding agreement by the federal government

  • Jan. 30, 2012 6:00 a.m.

Thompson-Nicola Regional District is currently working towards opening three eco-depots – Clearwater, Louis Creek and South Thompson. The three are part of a larger plan to close landfills and consolidate transfer stations within the region as the TNRD works towards more eco-friendly ways of solid waste management.

Eco-depots will provide a one-stop drop-off for refuse and recyclable materials. Both the refuse and recycling areas will be enclosed in large steel buildings and materials will be tipped on the tipping floors for transfer to large trailers that will haul the material away. Other features of the new eco-depots include a truck weigh scale so that loads can be weighed and charged based on current tipping fees.

Construction of the Clearwater eco-depot was delayed in 2011 awaiting approval of a funding agreement by the federal government. Geotechnical testing, and an archaeological and environmental assessment were completed in 2011. Construction will start in the spring of this year, weather permitting, with an expected opening date of September, 2012.

The Louis Creek Eco-Depot is also ready to begin the construction phase. The BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has approved a permit for the new access road to the site from Agate Bay Road. The large steel buildings to house the refuse and recycling areas have been purchased and are in storage awaiting construction. Staff hopes to have the site open this fall as well.

The TNRD has committed to public review, and a presentation for the South Thompson eco-depot is scheduled for early this year. Three-dimensional modeling of the site is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

Also, final design work needed to close the Barriere, Chase and Clearwater landfills is nearing completion and tender documents for the closure work are being prepared. In anticipation of closure of the Barriere and Clearwater landfills in 2012, work was completed in 2011 to stockpile materials needed to mix topsoil and compost that will be used to cover the landfills and control the release of landfill gas, a potent greenhouse gas. The plan for 2012 is to close the Barriere and Clearwater landfills and install the final cover and landfill gas control system by the fall. The collection of refuse and recycling then will be moved to the Louis Creek and Clearwater eco-depots respectively. Closure of the Chase landfill is planned for 2013.

– Thompson-Nicola Regional District