TNRD Area A election: Cheryl Thomas provides new perspective

My name is Cheryl Thomas and I ask for your support as I run for the position of Area ‘A’ - Wells Gray Country regional district director

Cheryl Thomas

Cheryl Thomas

My name is Cheryl Thomas and I ask for your support as I run for the position of Area ‘A’ – Wells Gray Country regional district director.

Along with my husband Jim, our three children and our grandchildren, I have lived in the North Thompson Valley since 1975. I have been interconnected with many of the activities that are the fabric of this Valley, mainly as a volunteer and occasionally as a contractor. Over 35 years of service I have tried to influence policy development that would benefit valley citizens.

I have worked valley wide:

• with a focus on food and water issues;

• as part of the Sustainable Watershed Committee that is mapping the valley for on-line use;

• by helping create the NT Food Action Plan;

• to support the Aboriginal community;

• as a representative on Aboriginal Engagement community table;

• by helping the Literacy and Success By 6 initiatives – I sit and work on the programs’ community tables;

• with my understanding of the Wells Gray Tourism Plan and the Clearwater Economic Development Plan, the NT Food Action Plan. I am open to working with the two district municipalities, First Nations and individuals to implement these plans.

I sat on the Wells Gray Country services committee prior to incorporation and am on the public advisory committee for the TNRD’s Solid Waste Management Plan

Presently I am the alternate director for Area B and so am a familiar face at the TNRD board and work well with TNRD staff.

I am concerned about the environment, using ‘green energy’ techniques and care about future generations, and have attended symposiums, conferences and meetings to develop my understanding.

As your regional district representative I will continue to service the valley, with a focus on Area ‘A’ – Wells Gray Country’s needs and services. I appreciate the good ideas that you have already suggested, and think these need to be discussed and developed.  If I am not the successful candidate, I will turn this information over to the Wells Gray Country services committee.

I believe in people working as a Team.  This is the real way to move ideas and ideals into action and reality: The word TEAM stands for “Together Everyone Accomplishes More”. I invite you to help me to be a part of the team that envisions a vibrant, healthy, happy future for this valley.