Tax exemptions under review

The list of Clearwater organizations paying reduced or no property taxes has grown

The list of Clearwater organizations paying reduced or no property taxes has grown to 16. However, their exemptions will only be for one year, in order to give the next town council a chance to review them.

That was the decision of District of Clearwater councilors during their Sept. 20 meeting.

The list includes two new entries. The first is owned by Interior Health next to the hospital. According to director of finance Sheila Thiessen, it was previously owned by Yellowhead Community Services Society and therefore covered by permissive exemptions. Whether it is still exempt had not been determined.

The second addition was the property owned by the District that is leased to BC Housing for the new units at Evergreen Acres. Whether this property is also exempt is also undetermined at this time.

Clearwater Christian Church and Clearwater New Life Assembly continue as 100 per cent exempt, even though BC Assessment feels the coding is in error.

Clearwater Baptist Church and Clearwater Bible Camp were treated as separate properties as they have separate folios. However, BC Assessment felt they should be taxed together and so will have a 60 per cent exemption.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 259 has a 75 per cent exemption.

All the others on the list have 100 per cent exemptions. In addition to the local places of worship, these include Evergreen Acres, Yellowhead Community Services, Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC (hatchery), Clearwater Ski Club and its lease, Clearwater Elks Lodge, and Central North Thompson Rod and Gun Club.

Outdoor Club keeps money

Council approved a request from Wells Gray Outdoor Club that it retain $500 granted it to hold the Wilderness Gateway Relay this fall.

The once-popular event has not been held for several years and organizers found they did not have enough entries. Instead they plan to try again next spring. Date for the relay has been set for June 9.

“I’m glad to see they’re trying to resurrect the event,” said councilor Christy Dobi. “I think that makes sense.”

The request was agreed to with the condition that the money would be returned to the District if the 2012 Wilderness Gateway Relay also were cancelled.

Free dump day

Council agreed to a request from Thompson-Nicola Regional District to make May 13 of next year a free dump day at the Clearwater landfill.

Candus Graffunder commented that it also would be good to have a free dump day in the fall.