Sportsplex contract gets nod

Clearwater council voted last Tuesday to award a $635,000 contract for new changing rooms

New dressing rooms and other upgrades to the North Thompson Sportsplex are going ahead.

Clearwater council voted last Tuesday to award a $635,000 contract for the work to Mierau Contractors Ltd. of Abbotsford.

The bid from Mierau was the lowest of seven received.

The expansion will include constructing five new dressing rooms along the north wall of the ice arena. This will allow more changing rooms for female hockey players, a need that has been increasingly felt over the past few years.

It will also include additional exit doors that are required off the ice surface.

The District had looked at excluding the doors from the contract but found that the cost of installing them later would be too expensive.

Last summer the road alongside the Sportsplex was relocated and civil works upgraded in preparation for the expansion.

Hockey boards were replaced and additional exit gates installed.

The total dressing room expansion project is expected to cost $710,000. Of this, $400,000 is coming from a Community Recreation Program grant.


Construction is slated to start in mid-April. Substantial completion should be by the end of July and completion by the end of August.