Ski hill hosts Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day at Clearwater Ski Hill on Saturday, Feb. 23, was highly entertaining and filled with great activities

Margot Venema

Family Fun Day at Clearwater Ski Hill was highly entertaining and filled with great activities for everyone.

Saturday Feb. 23 started out with a costume ski. Most skiers had put a great deal of thought into their costumes, which resulted in some very impressive outfits with among them Pippi Longstocking, Batman, a princess, a ladybug, and a unicorn. Even Santa was there.

In the Bunny Hill Games kids competed in the mini slalom and skied with hula-hoops.  They had to hold balloons between their legs and race down the hill as fast as they could.

Even though only a few could win everyone received a medal for his or her efforts.

Jelly ContestThe afternoon main events featured the great messy Jell-O Eating Contest, where people were teamed up in pairs of two of which one was blindfolded. This person had to feed Jell-O to the other.

After that, contestants were challenged in the Root Beer Chug to drink root beer as fast as possible in order to produce the biggest burp. Then it was on to the Super Fab Ski Hill Relay Race, the Dummy Dash, and the Slalom Race for Skiers and Snowboarders.

Absolute highlights of the day were the crazy Ski Jump Competition and the Slush Pit.

It turns out that Clearwater has pretty talented skiBatman jumps jumpers. The very young did small jumps lifting just a little off the ground but the older kids did some pretty impressive loops, twists, and turns high up in the air.

Clearwater Fire Department outdid itself with the super long and deep Slush Pit, which resulted in a lot of drippy wet people in and around it.

Since it was so stretched out only the lucky few were able to fly right over it or skid through it to the other end without getting too wet. The others sank unsuccessful to the bottom and had an interesting time getting out.

One contestant who ended up in the snow at the other end summed up his (and most likely every other participant’s) Slush Pit experience by exclaiming: “Waaaaaccchhhhhhhhhh, that’s cold.”


And so ended a wonderful day at our little gem the Clearwater Ski Hill. I am sure I speak for everyone who was there that a big “thank you” is in order for the organization and all the volunteers who worked so very hard to make this day into a huge success.

Water spray kid