Series of vehicle break-ins in the Clearwater area

Series of vehicle break-ins in the Clearwater area

Series of vehicle break-ins

On Jan. 25 at 2:24 p.m. a local male called the Clearwater RCMP to report his vehicle had been broken into and items were stolen. He was parked on the Vavenby Mountain Forest Service Road. At the time of this report, police were investigating another priority incident. When police made contact with the complainant he advised police that he was parked at the location with other snowmobilers, who after returning from snowmobiling found the window of his truck smashed and items were taken. He advised another person had his vehicle keys stolen from his unlocked vehicle but wasn’t sure if that person was going to phone the police. The complainant was still in Vavenby and when asked, advised he would be home in Clearwater in about one hour. Police advised they would attend his residence at that time.

At 3:46 p.m a Vavenby man called police to report his truck had been ransacked while he was snowmobiling. His vehicle was left unlocked, only his truck keys were stolen from inside his truck. He was contacted and he advised his vehicle papers were scattered around but other properties such as tools were not taken. Considering his keys were left in the vehicle, the vehicle wasn’t taken either. He advised he will secure his vehicle somehow as the keys are missing, a ‘club’ was suggested. He seemed to think it was only the two vehicles that were tampered with. There was in fact a third…

On Jan. 26, a Clearwater man called the police to report his vehicle was broken into at the same location. His wallet was stolen with cash and credit cards, which had already been cancelled. Police attended his residence, however, he was not at home. A message was left on his phone that if he wanted police to attend to see his vehicle to call back.

Stolen truck and firearms

On Jan. 26 at 1:38 p.m. a Clearwater Valley Road resident called the police to report his residence had been broken into and his vehicle stolen. Also stolen were firearms and other property. The residence was vacant for the weekend. No security of any type on the property.

At 2:30 p.m. RCMP attended the location in the 5000 block of Clearwater Valley Road where the complainant waved down the investigator as he was driving by the large piece of property. The complainant explained that he and his girlfriend were away for the weekend, and when they returned they found his truck stolen from under the carport and tire tracks leading away from the property. He checked the house and noticed the spare key to the truck was missing. He checked the residence and noticed other property missing including three firearms.

Stolen is a 2014 White Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel truck licence plate KF1 251. Further description of the vehicle includes a full tank of gas, silver checkered license plate holder, small dent in the left side of the tailgate, a rust spot on passenger’s side front fender.