Royal Bank confirms commitment to Clearwater 

Royal Bank of Canada's branch in Clearwater is here for the long term, according to manager Rachael Elliot

Rachael Elliot (r)

Rachael Elliot (r)

Royal Bank of Canada’s branch in Clearwater is here for the long term, according to manager Rachael Elliot.

“We keep getting people coming in, asking what they should do with their accounts. They think we’re moving away. We’re not. We’re staying,” Elliot said.

The confusion apparently is the result of, first Buy-Low moving from the former Safety Mart location in Brookfield Mall to its new location next to Highway 5. Then two other businesses in Brookfield Mall followed the grocery store to the new shopping centre. Finally, Brookfield Mall itself was placed in receivership last summer, creating uncertainty for the remaining tenants, including RBC.

“We’ve been in Clearwater for over 50 years,” Elliot said. “We believe in this community and we have a commitment here. If we have to move, it would just be a matter of finding the right building. But we’ll be here in Clearwater.”

Elliot, an employee at the branch for 11 years and a Clearwater resident for more than 20, took over as manager in November.

Helping her to make the transition has been Norman Cooper, a community manager based in Kamloops who visits the local branch every week or two.

Cooper also has been helping train two new employees hired to take up the slack created by recent retirements and transfers.

“We’re not leaving. In fact, we’re growing,” he said.

Cooper has been in managerial positions with RBC for many years. This is the sixth branch that he’s been attached to.


Royal Bank supports the the community through local fundraising and the RBC Foundation.