Residents in Greer subdivision wanting high speed service

The joint services advisory committee (which represents both Clearwater and Wells Gray Country) has been looking at the issue since 2009

What can be done to get high speed Internet for Greer Subdivision?

That was the question Susan Campany wanted Mayor John Harwood to answer in a recent letter.

In her letter, Campany noted a recent report in the Times that high speed Internet was being installed in Blue River.

“I understood the plan was to unite the smaller communities of B.C. to each other and to the rest of Internet users, and yet here we are in 2011, still as much outdated as we were in 2000 and, for some reason, there is obviously no intention of updating our part of the world,” she wrote.

According to information provided to District of Clearwater’s economic development committee, the joint services advisory committee (which represents both the District and Wells Gray Country (Area A)) has been addressing the issue since late 2009.

In the summer of 2010 the Thompson-Nicola Regional District commissioned a broadband Internet study. However, the study did not include municipalities or First Nations.

In September, 2010, the joint services committee wrote Telus, asking for ADSL extension to the Clearwater area.

The letter to Telus identified six communities without Internet or not getting high speed at the time, including Greer Subdivision and Sunshine Valley within District of Clearwater, Birch Island, Blackpool, Upper Clearwater and Vavenby.

So far there has been no response.